Staffing and Employment Center

Hospitality Workforce, Inc is a leader in providing professional "search" specifically targeting management positions within the hospitality industry. We match "best in class" talent with outstanding organizations in an expedient and confidential manner. For a copy of our search agreement please contact us.

Our Talent Search process includes the following components:

If you are interested in having us conduct a search to find you the best talent for your organization, please contact us directly online using our online Job Order request, or email us. Once you have placed an order with us we will contact you within 24 hours to get the search started.

Talent Search Components

Assessing the Needs
We partner with our clients to identify the company's core requirements for the position. Skill sets, organizational relationships, key competencies and required experience are discussed to ensure our understanding in order to identify the most qualified candidate.

Once the position specification is determined, research is initiated to match the position criteria. Our resources include our vast database of candidates, company networks, associate offices, internet and other sources.

Identifying the Candidate
Sources and prospects are contacted to identify potential candidates that match the position criteria. Our clients are frequently updated on our progress.

Candidate Interviews and Evaluation
Qualified candidates are prescreened and assessed on the basis of experience, key competencies and cultural fit with the client organization.

Presentation of Candidates
Qualified candidates are presented to our clients electronically with an informational overview. Generally 2-3 candidates who most closely fit the position criteria are presented.

Candidate/Client interviews
Candidates and Clients are briefed prior to formal introduction. After each interview, both the client and candidate are contacted for feedback.

Candidate referencing
Final candidates are referenced by contacting individuals who are able to confirm and collaborate the candidates experience and qualifications. Information obtained is shared with the client.

Search Completion
Once the search has been completed we can also assist with extensive background checks and placement negotiations to assure a smooth transition to the new environment.